Sign In. Breaking Pointe —. Hide Spoilers. Being a fan of reality shows and dance, this show was a natural for me. It profiles the Ballet West dance company out of Salt Lake City, and follows certain individuals in the company. We have all seen the traditional stories about dancers and their struggles Center Stage, The Turning Point, etc. Here is the chance to go behind the scenes with real dancers and discover the truth. As it turns out no pun intended , their daily lives are filled with the same issues we all face, but everything in their lives is dance-centric, as it must be.

The 8 Ballet Dogs You Need to be Following on Instagram

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from the dancers who performed their deceptively simple do-si-do and promenade moves admirably—most notably Principal Rex Tilton.

This article contains spoilers for the Parks and Recreation show. Continue at your own risk. He guest-starred in two episodes in season two, and then became a regular character in season 3. He originally appeared as a state auditor who comes to Pawnee with Chris Traeger to evaluate Pawnee’s funds at the end of season 2. Ben is straightforward and willing to tell the truth, even if it could offend someone.

He could also be passive-aggressive at times. Riding a wave of anti-incumbent sentiment, Ben Wyatt was elected mayor of the town of Partridge, Minnesota in November of , at the age of His immaturity and lack of experience led him to be unofficially banned from Partridge after he bankrupted the city by creating a winter sports complex called Ice Town.

After maturing, he becomes a state auditor and helps cities escape bankruptcy. Leslie yells at him on three different occasions for having an insensitive attitude about firing people from the Parks and Recreation team, as well as for cutting her budget. When he asks her out to have a beer, they begin to respect each other more. They become friends and he shares his history in politics with her, and tells her he became an auditor to show that he is responsible enough to run for mayor again.

Chris reveals that the town has virtually no funds left and the government will be shut down which includes the parks of Pawnee until further notice. He and Chris set up a budget task force with several employees of Pawnee’s government, including Ron Swanson.

Shakespeare gets jazzy with Ballet West’s spring program headliner

You’re probably already following your favorite dancers on Instagram, but did you know that you can follow many of their dogs, too? We rounded up some of our favorite dog-centered accounts and hashtags to keep you pawsitively entertained sorry, we can’t help ourselves. Often accompanying Lane to the ABT studios, they can also be seen using tutus or piles of pink tights as dog beds. French bulldog Frida Kahlo follows her mom, Ingrid Silva, almost everywhere. Frida’s profile shows that she enjoys long walks in the park and dressing up in matching costumes with Silva for Halloween.

Rex Tilton and Allison DeBona Photos Photos – Ballet dancers Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton are interviewed at The 10th Anniversary LG Allison Micheletti Dating History · Ranking Pop-Culture Dinosaurs From Best To.

If you are accepted you will have the option to attend the full 5-week session or only attend the first 3-week session. This intensive is designed for serious dancers ages who desire individualized instruction. The Ballet West Academy Summer Intensive challenges dancers to improve their ballet technique and study other dance forms that compliment classical ballet.

It is designed to offer dancers a company environment that includes a technique class every morning followed by six hours of rehearsal. Only 45 dancers are accepted to the program as participants are dancers Ballet West is interested in to invite as Ballet West Trainees. Therefore, acceptance does not guarantee a spot when a program reaches full capacity. Registration is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. We strongly urge accepted dancers to make a deposit to reserve their spot as soon as possible.

If they do not commit to our programs within two weeks of acceptance they will be moved to the wait-list. This intensive is designed for passionate dancers ages who desire individualized instruction. The Ballet West Academy Young Dancer Summer Intensive challenges dancers to improve their ballet technique and study other dance forms that compliment classical ballet.

This event has passed.

‘Breaking Pointe’ Star Allison DeBona Opens Up About Her Impending Love Vs. Career Decision

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Dec 6, – Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton of Ballet West. Photo by Most up-​to-date Absolutely Free Sculpture Garden art Style Statue gardens are out.

Photo by Matthew Karas. Will there be more dancing? Will Allison and Rex be officially dating? Will Adam have to deliver more bad news regarding contracts? Whatever the questions about Season 2 of TV docudrama Breaking Pointe, one thing is clear: The ratings were high enough—including a deluge of social media—that the producing company, BBC Worldwide Productions, and the family network CW decided to go for a second season, which begins July Season 1 brought the dancers of Ballet West into a million homes last year.

Some viewers had probably never seen ballet up close before, while others were dancers and diehard fans.


Grief Support. Martha Steagall. Send Flowers. Share Martha’s life story with friends and family.

Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton of Ballet West and Breaking Pointe. a BW dancer dating Rex’s brother Ronald in the company, was not asked.

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To celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most dance-centric way possible, we sat down with five powerhouse dance-teaching couples to talk about their love stories. What do they admire about each other? What are their couple goals and their teaching philosophies, and how do they make their relationships work, especially when they work together?

We are excited to announce that Rex Tilton will lead a hr Master Class, assisted by Allison DeBona, at our studios. The class will be followed by a.

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I am no stranger to hard work and dedication while making sacrifices to achieve a goal. I was not always this driven and suffered from depression and anxiety from failed relationships and deaths in my family.


Partial payments will not be accepted. Ballet in Cleveland does not refund registration fees for any reason. If a dancer is registered for a master class and is unable to attend, Ballet in Cleveland will apply the master class fee to a future master class. To apply registration fees to a future class, please call or email info balletincleveland. Males of all ages and ability levels are welcomed and encouraged.

Guys Dance Too is a special initiative by Ballet in Cleveland designed to inspire male dancers to pursue ballet through providing access to instruction and discussion with exceptional male professional ballet dancers.

heteronormativity and gendered expectations reveal just how dated the choice pairing of Rex Tilton and Arolyn Williams in the lead roles of.

And in the year between seasons, the dancers broke up for good and Allison rekindled her romance and started a long distance relationship with her previous boyfriend. On the show’s second season premiere episode, we learned that Allison’s boyfriend has given her an ultimatum. It’s him or dance. It was so crazy,” she said.

She now holds one of the top positions in the Company. It is for that reason and the fact that ballet careers can be very short-lived that the decision to leave for love is difficult for her. Those are also the reasons why fans and critics wonder why she would even consider her boyfriend’s ultimatum. So, when this ends, I wondered what am I going to have? DeBona said that the only people she could turn to were Tilton they’re still friends , principal soloist Christiana Bennett and demi-soloist and roommate Katie Critchlow.

Notice that DeBona’s three closest friends are at her level in the company or above. She told us that it’s tough to speak to anyone else, because she’s not sure whether they just want to date Tilton or just have an eye on her position in the company. At any rate, viewers will watch DeBona struggle with choosing love over her ballet career over the course of the season. And, she seems confident viewers will be OK with where she landed.

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