Here’s part one and look our for part two tomorrow Successful pro landscape shooter Kev Pearson now just uses a Nikon D3s and D – both bought second-hand. He explains why he’s happy not being on the cutting edge. Bagging second-hand bargains doesn’t just mean digital cameras. John Wade reveals some of his best-buy film cameras. It might be four years old, but the Nikon D still presents its own advantages over the new D For modest budgets, short-term projects or a change in systems, why not invest in some second-hand glass? Four pros share their experience and advice.

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Follow Him: AustinMahone. I would say a girl that’s just polite and loving and all that. It’s the tallest building in the city. And I took this girl to the top of it. At the very top there’s a restaurant and it spins do you can see the entire city. We came down to the city park and there was Christmas lights everywhere, it was really pretty. I took her into one of those horse carriages, and I had the guy just take us through the park and around the city. It was a nice time.

Best Dating Advice: “Taylor Swift told me to date only classy girls – the kind who have respect for themselves. They cost like three hundred dollars.

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Reviews, news, data, and techniques for mirrorless cameras of all brands, since Subscribe to Articles RSS feed. Film SLRs: filmbodies. Items on same line indicate model updates. Different lines indicate varying model levels. Moreover, Canon was clearly tentatively experimenting early on, so we only got a few cameras and lenses at first, and they were not distributed worldwide.

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In what is proving to be one of the longest and most drawn-out of teaser campaigns in motorcycle history, BMW has revealed more details of the forthcoming R18 cruiser engine, which will feature the largest-capacity boxer engine of all time. BMW started teasing the bike back in , using various concept bikes to pave the way for the all-new cruiser which will be called the R Now the German firm has revealed more details about the engine which promises to be not just the biggest capacity but also one of the most powerful in the cruiser class, with over 90bhp.

These paved the way for the new production bike which stated in with the concept R5 Hommage bike. The R18 engine has a capacity of cc which is hugely bigger than the current largest boxer engine of cc and has clearly been styled to hark back to the earliest examples of the boxer engine layout. The capacity comes from a huge bore size of BMW is making a big deal of the torque with Nm available between rpm and rpm, which, in combination with the large flywheel mass BMW says creates a very smooth engine.

One traditional engineering element is the use of valve clearances being adjusted using the classic screw and locknut for each valve rather than the more commonly used hydraulic systems used on modern engines. This concept bike was the exact opposite of the latest design as it used an old cc boxer engine from a s BMW but used a newly-designed frame. So, to get a clear idea of where BMW is headed, take the frame design of the R5 Hommage with the engine of the two R18 concept bikes from this year and that should give a better idea of how this new cruiser will look in full production trim.

Author: Carole Nash.

BMW reveals engine details of future R18 cruiser

We believe it will. New rumours of the Canon EOS R5, an EOS R range all-rounder that blows past the specifications of all the current all-rounder full-frame cameras has set the photography community on fire. Caveat: there is still a chance we could see this at Photokina In fact, we think that is the most likely outcome. Not much else is known, but if this is to be a high-resolution camera in the vein of the EOS 5DS and 5DS R, only mirrorless, we can expect a super high resolution mode that will use pixel shift technology to create images at up to megapixels in resolution.

Tips to Expedite CalOptima Direct Authorization Requests. CalOptima GARS shall provide the CalOptima MSSP provider with the date, place and time of the R5: Time Frame for Resolution of Complaints — Non-Contracted Providers.

If it rolls out as a full feature, you could hit Shuffle to watch something random, and hopefully strike streaming gold. Noise-cancelling, height channels and mics come as standard with JBL’s new range of gaming headsets. Do they deliver? Fancy a movie in your tent, or a binge on your bedroom wall? A virtually unknown brand packs budget wireless earbuds with tech and great sound — but are they too good to be true? Thanks to a Microsoft blog, we now know what the Xbox Series X will look like when you boot it up According to one tech analyst, Google’s next flagship Pixel phone will drop at the end of next month, with the Pixel 4a 5G following soon after.

Samsung’s top TVs compete for your cash. Should you go for 8K or 4K?

CP+ 2020: new cameras we can expect to see

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Discover the cheapest places to buy an Amazon Echo device and all the latest deals and discounts online in our guide. Amazon Echo devices are still a popular option for shoppers wanting to invest in smart home technology. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge, it’s worth comparing prices of devices on both Amazon. While major price reductions generally appear during peak sale seasons like the impending Black Friday period and Christmas, there are decent discounts that can be sought out year-round.

The new 3rd Gen Echo Dot is the upgraded compact voice-controlled speaker that used the Alexa assistant to play music, read the news, set alarms and operate compatible smart home devices. Buy now from Amazon. The newest version of Amazon’s mini smart speaker now comes with a clock. The LED display shows the time, outdoor temperatures and even set timers and features all the same functionality as the original Echo Dot device.

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Follow us:. This organization is technology incubator ConnecTech. This programme will focus on teaching primary school students to code. The second, which will be offered during school breaks and holiday periods, is the Django Girls coding programme. This international programme will bring expert instructors to the Island to offer young girls a customized opportunity to learn to code.

NMC’s Arstyl Medallion R5 – DUCAR Classic Ceilings offers Decorative Ceiling Medallion for sale. Buy online or call

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R5: Truth or Dance? Look at These Moves!